We cannot confirm that this is actually the teenager who Kino Jimenez attacked over a MAGA hat but there certainly seems to be a good deal of information on the altercation on this account’s timeline so it’s definitely worth considering.

This is his pinned tweet.

And just wow, watching this video again is so troubling.

Again, more proof supporting that this is the teen but still can’t be 100% sure so while we hope this is the truth, we can only share the tweet and let you decide for yourself.

Today from Newsweek:

San Antonio Police confirmed that 30-year-old  Kino Jimenez was arrested by detectives from the Robbery Task Force on a warrant of theft of person following an incident at a Whataburger restaurant in Thousand Oaks, Texas, in the early hours of July 4.

It’s unbelievable that a grown man would go after a teen so it’s excellent that he has the footage.

The Left’s narrative has indeed been very troubling and threatening in nature … this definitely deserves national attention.

Once we have confirmation we will also update one way or another …

Sidenote, reading through the comments from the Left offering to pay for Jimenez’s bail for attacking a teenager over a hat is absolutely repugnant.

And they tell us it’s the Right that’s violent and intolerant.



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