Another day, another ridiculous take from so-called Conservative, Jennifer Rubin.

Like clockwork, it seems.


From the Washington Post:

While Democrats have a powerful motivator with women this election (i.e., criminalizing abortion), they would be foolish to rely only on social issues. Women are much more inclined to favor Democrats’ positions on health care and immigration — and to reject Republicans’ nativism, xenophobia and general nastiness.

Second, those tired of presidents who lost the popular vote might push for important changes in the electoral college. Groups such as National Popular Vote, Inc. want to change it to align more closely with the popular vote; others want to award electoral votes proportionally. But that too would require Democrats to start winning — in state legislative and gubernatorial races. Getting red states to agree would be an uphill climb.

FFS. This is the type of thinking that actually cost the Democrats the election, that somehow the Left appeals to women because Republicans are MEAN, m’kay. Wait, is that what her plan really is here? Pushing the Left to make the same mistakes so the Right can win?

Never mind. Wishful thinking on our part.

Seriously, someone knit her a pink vagina hat already.

The Left has been insisting this exists for years, ask them.

Something like that.

Simple, truthful,  and to the point.

Dig it.

Wait, half the country is critical to an election? GET OUTTA HERE.




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