We thought this whole mansplaining thing was a big no-no?

From HuffPost (sorry!):

Charen’s solution to all of these problems? A renewed focus on ― if not fetishization of ― the traditional family unit, marriage, courtship and modesty. She apparently believes that so many of the problems that plague our culture could be solved if women just slowly backed away from any kind of sexual (and I would argue, by logical extension, social and political) agency and then slowly backed themselves back into the kitchen, preferably after first getting knocked up by their husbands.

It was enough to make me think someone had changed the channel to “The Handmaid’s Tale” when I wasn’t looking.

Allusions to Margaret Atwood’s harrowing dystopian tale about a not-so-distant future where evangelicals rule our once-fair country and make everyone else’s lives a waking nightmare have become so common during the actual waking nightmare we’re collectively experiencing that they’re now downright cliche. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t apt or shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The traditional family isn’t a dystopian tale.


But hey, thanks for the lecture, MAN.

Ha! Good point. Noah admits at the beginning of his article that he has not actually read the book he’s complaining … err … writing about.

‘Male feminist’ still makes us laugh.

Hear us ROAR!

The irony.

Silly women, listen to the man because he knows best.

There aren’t enough eye-rolls in this world for this article.


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