Dana Loesch doesn’t pull any punches when she debates which is probably the main reason we adore her and consider her one of our spirit animals.

True story, we only hope to be as RAD as she is when we grow up.

Take for example this back and forth with our favorite CNN fella, Brian Stelter.

Have you honestly ever seen someone who whines as much as Brian does?

Yes, he does have a point.

Sheesh, he’s so defensive of THE MEDIA.

Most journos were very careful … OMG, he really thinks people are this stupid?


We felt this mic drop CLEAR over here, Bri.

Buried way way-way way down there.

Where they know their readers probably won’t go because so many CNN readers are ‘headlines only’ type readers.

To be fair, no one really expects solid reporting from CNN anyway.

The fact journos like Brian are still so angry that people don’t trust them is very telling.

Brian never responded.

We’re going to guess he was busy getting a tissue.

She did.

Man, Brian has really had a rough go of it lately and all his own doing.

Sorry, not sorry.


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