Welp, this is happening.

From Newsweek:

The former wife of the InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist told Newsweek she is seeking the help of high-powered attorneys including Michael Avenatti and Gloria Allred in an attempt to finally gain sole managing conservatorship of the Jones’ two young daughters and teenage son. Kelly Jones and her lone attorney said her continuing legal battle has been “daunting,” with Travis County, Texas, appellate court documents showing the rambunctious radio host represented by eight lawyers, including Wallace B. Jefferson, a former chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court.

And you thought 2017 was LIT.

It’s starting to feel like 2018 saw 2017 as a challenge so it’s working overtime to out-crazy it.


You can’t make this up.

And if you could, InfoWars would be ON IT.

Because of course Alex Jones and Michael Avenatti … the jokes write themselves.

Oddly enough it makes all the sense in the world.

Which is incredibly depressing for the world.

Next to the fluoride in the water that’s making frogs gay.

Or check with the vampire globins from Hell … WE ARE NOT MAKING THESE THINGS UP.

Awww InfoWars, never change.


*grabs bucket of popcorn*

This is gonna be GOOD.


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