PP is a shortened way to write Planned Parenthood.


And check it out, The Babylon Bee absolutely KICKED the Democrats right in their lady crates …

From The Babylon Bee:

“Planned Parenthood does much more than perform abortions,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters. “They provide crucial services to marginalized Democrat candidates, like spending over $30 million to support pro-abortion candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.”

“If we do not prop up Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars,” she continued, “where will Democratic candidates go for the vital health care services Planned Parenthood is known for, like their $2000-per-plate fundraising dinners and slick political advertising campaigns?”

“This is a human rights issue,” she added somberly.


We so love this site.

Yeah yeah, they’re supposedly satire but more often than not, they hit the nail right on the head.

And with Planned Parenthood and the Democrats? Spot freakin’ ON.

This. Was. Hilarious.


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