We love this piece from the NRA about Dana Loesch calling her a freedom fighting #NRAMom. Seriously, it’s so well done and a great reminder of why so many women, including moms, carry. Far too many in the world of gun-control paint women as victims, but not the NRA and especially NOT Dana Loesch.

This is great.

It is so well done in fact that it triggered Jimmy Stafford who happens to be a founding member of the group Train.

Not that it really matters who he is but hey, he has that nifty blue check so apparently that means his tweets are more important … or something.

That being said, he probably should have thought twice before tweeting this to Dana but hey, it’s his Twitter feed.

Why talk about Dana’s kids? C’mon people.

Hopefully, Jimmy can pick his teeth up off the floor without losing any of them.


It’s seriously like these people think there is only one type of gun in the world.

Does someone want to inform Jimmy that handguns are used far more often when it comes to gun violence? Look at the largest mass shooting ever, Virginia Tech … handgun.

Welp, there went the rest of his teeth.

Maybe Jimmy can write a song about what it feels like to have his a*s handed to him on Twitter.


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