Here at Twitchy, we rarely write in the first person because we don’t like to make the stories about ourselves and instead focus on what everyone else is saying. But every once in awhile we drop into first person because the story we’re writing calls for that voice …

Like this one does.

Mo is my friend, a lovely, bright, and incredibly passionate woman who is such an amazing friend and mother in her own right. She is well-known on Twitter in Conservative and Libertarian circles and has often been highlighted on Twitchy. But this time I’m writing about her not because she blasted some poor slob who decided to say something stupid about the Constitution, but because she wrote an incredibly moving thread about her mom.


I love this.

Because unlike feminists, Mo’s mom knew it was not about her, but about something bigger than her.

See why I love this?

Mo is so much like her amazing mother, and I hope she realizes how much this thread means to other moms and daughters out there who happened upon her lovely thread today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mo.



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