We knew when the news broke yesterday about Oliver North being the new president of the NRA, that the Left would lose their damn minds.

More so than usual.

And we were right.

Take, for example, this garbage headline from the LA Times:

Nice try, troglodytes.

Brit Hume nailed it. As usual.


But that didn’t stop the LA Times from writing that headline because they knew few people would actually read the story.

Lazy, fake news.

From the LA Times:

That would be former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, a top national security adviser to President Reagan who played an instrumental role in the Iran-Contra affair that marred Reagan’s second term. For those with short memories, that was the secret deal to violate multiple federal laws by selling arms to Iran — yes, “Death to America” Iran — in exchange for help freeing U.S. hostages in Lebanon and for money to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

They left out the part where the charges against Ollie we dropped … convenient.


But Trump?

No wait, but OLLIE. Yeah, that’s it.

Click bait, baby.

Nice assist from Adam Baldwin.


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