Awww Matt, this was cute.

We get what he’s trying to do here, considering the disgusting news that came out about a fairly well-known member of the Democratic party yesterday but we doubt he really means ALL women …

The GOP tried that with Carly Fiorina.

Awww yes, the Left was DISGUSTING when it came to Carly. Almost as bad as they are with Sarah Sanders.


Matt should have said he only wants to nominate Liberal women until we ‘figure out what’s going on.’ It would have been far more believable.

There are some CRAZY broads out there. #SeeHillary



Damn right she would.

He was indeed.

We know this eagle in a pink vagina hat meant this as a dig but she’s right, Margaret Thatcher was all woman.

And a total badass.

Maybe Matt has a point here?



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