The New York Times has been TRIGGERED by a new book from Amy Chozick about Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail called, ‘Chasing Hillary,’ because they feel it ‘betrays’ them.

Betray is such a STRONG word.

Nobody forced them to be Hillary’s fan club.


From Buzzfeed:

At issue, for some of Chozick’s colleagues, is that the book reflects on office politics as much as national politics. The ego boost of nabbing a page-one byline and the joy of pleasing your editor is depicted as the chief goal of a Times reporter — not striving for truth or holding power to account. Private comments from coworkers, in the heat of deadline pressure, appear on the record. Chozick wonders often whether Clinton likes her. And the paper’s perceived obsession with the contents of the campaign’s hacked emails is cast, by the ultimate Times-Clinton insider, as over the top.

Those juicy revelations caught other Times reporters by surprise and ran counter to the paper’s traditional culture that seeks to keep internal drama in the family. Multiple Times staffers told BuzzFeed News, or have relayed to people close to them, that they felt a sense of betrayal, though the fact that they would say so behind Chozick’s back highlights one of the undercurrents in the book: The New York Times is a snakepit.

A snakepit? Let’s not pretend any of us are actually surprised the NYT is like a snake pit.


The answer is yes, yes they are.

So. Fragile.



But well-played.



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