Greta Van Susteren had a few choice words for the White House Correspondent’s Association for the really awful dinner they put on for correspondents last night, especially their choice of a so-called ‘comedian’ who took to the podium and bullied Sarah Sanders as she sat mere feet from her.

We’re glad we didn’t go to this ridiculous dinner either, Greta.

Not like they’d ever invite us lowly Twitchy editors but yeah, what a relief to be ignored.


Garbage is putting it nicely.

That’s because Michelle is a mean girl.

And so is the WHCA.

If their goal was to make everyday Jo’s like and trust in the media they seriously failed.

It’s good to take time to laugh at oneself, it’s not good to make an entire dinner about harassing one person.

It was cruel.

Good word.

Greta has absolutely proven to be one of the more unbiased reporters and pundits out there, but that didn’t stop the Left from acting like hyenas in response to her tweet:

Sick burn. Ok, not really but she sure thought so.

It’s painful watching actual snowflakes trying to use ‘snowflake’ as an insult – it’s sorta like watching a dog walk on its hind legs? It’s just not right.

Fascinating that so many Leftist women are defending the ‘humor’ that served to humiliate, embarrass and bully a conservative woman. Hillary’s base?

See what we mean?

Bad pool, WHCA. Seriously.


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