As Twitchy reported, last week Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity traded very heated barbs back and forth over Trump and the First Lady. Kimmel released, in our opinion, a fairly weak apology on Sunday that seemed to take a dig at Hannity while he apologized to the LGBTQ community.

Hannity responded:

Sean is a bigger man than we are.

Well, this editor isn’t a man but you get what we’re saying. He reacted and responded in a far more grown-up manner than we would have, especially since Kimmel’s apology was half-ass at best.

That and he used the entire experience to highlight just how far gone the Left really is when it comes to Trump.


The responses to Hannity accepting Kimmel’s apology only further prove his original point:

What a sweetie.

He was making fun of her accent.

But hey, whatever helps this person sleep better at night.

Seeing a pattern yet?

Oh boy.

Honestly, this whole exchange has been a sad reflection of just how divided we are as a country, and that even when we apologize to one another we can’t really mean it.



Umm, there seems to be something VERY important missing from Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘apology’ to Sean Hannity