What kind of Twitter aggregate site would we be if we didn’t share this photo of a topless protester who allegedly jumped in front of Bill Cosby?

Face it, folks, we are living in some crazy times.

What we can’t figure out is if she was hiding in the bushes and jumped out or if she landed in the bushes after being detained by the officer. And whose boots are those off to the side? This picture definitely makes you wonder what the Hell just happened.

And the look on Bill Cosby’s face?


The photo, of course, only got better when this gent took it into Photoshop:


And about those boots …


Maybe he too was hiding in the bush and was topless … eh, maybe not. But it’s fun to imagine where they came from and who’s wearing them.

We get what you’re saying here, but she doesn’t exactly look like she’s in the mood to chit-chat.


Won’t someone think of the poor bush?!

Mmmm. Chocolate chip muffins.

And we’re done here.



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