Evan McMuffin, sorry, McMullin, must have missed it when the Trump administration launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria for a previous chemical attack.

But you know, whatever keeps him relevant in the grand scheme of things, right?


Is this like the time Obama drew a red line in Syria and Assad laughed his ass off?

Asking for a friend.

Trump has already released a statement (on Twitter) condemning the act and implying there will be a ‘big price’:

What else is he supposed to do at this point? Fly over to Syria himself and kick Assad in the nuts?

Ok, that would be hilarious but still …

Sorta echoey, right?

Nope. Well, he does give ‘ammo’ to Conservative Nannies who feel the need to shame others for accepting Trump won and calling balls and strikes, plus he’s a useful tool (in more ways than one) for the Left to use as an example of what Conservatives should look like.

And if the Left approves of you as a Conservative you’re doing something wrong.

But otherwise no, absolutely nothing.

White hot even!

No no, silly, he just blames Trump for stuff.

That’s his schtick.

And you know, that’s beyond annoying. He has gone from giving Conservatives hope during a horrible election to being just another cog in the progressive wheel.

What he said.

There was another tweet Evan deleted:

Wonder why he deleted this one? Hrm.


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