Earlier this week, Planned Parenthood of Keystone sent out a tweet about how we need a Disney princess who has had an abortion, who supports abortion, who is trans … etc. etc. Basically, they wanted an adult Disney princess who made really bad decisions in her life and could, therefore, be exploited to push their abortion mantra.

And this went so badly that they quickly deleted the tweet, but not before Twitchy and other, slower outlets covered it.

In the days that followed, many Conservatives (and Libertarians) came up with some of their own ideas for Disney princesses we actually do need, and most of their ideas kicked so much ass … so we know it will never happen with Disney but for now, we can enjoy their brilliance on Twitter.


Bring down the man from the INSIDE!

Throw in a little Ayn Rand and booyah.

Damn right!

Wheee! Whistle While you Defund Planned Parenthood seems a little clunky though …


The humanity!

Even Donald Trump Jr. had a suggestion:

That would sell.


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