Oh Chelsea, do you really think Texans care what a member of the Hollywood elite thinks about their Senators? Honestly, we can’t think of a more damaging thing she could have done by tweeting her support for Beta … sorry, Beto. If she was trying to make him seem even more out-of-touch with Texan values and Texans themselves, she succeeded.

Can someone tell us what immigrantion is? Asking for a friend.

Yeah, go Beto … out the door, thanks.

Ted Cruz couldn’t have illustrated our points better if he tried:

In other words, let Rosie and Chelsea screw up their own state, thanks.

And don’t mess with Texas.

We’re pretty sure she’s ‘worried’ her own state into a complete and total disaster; there’s a reason people are leaving in record numbers.


It’s rare indeed these days.

Patricia Arquette piped up too because you know, that’s another Hollywood twit Texans want to hear from. *eye roll*




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