Like we all didn’t see this coming from a mile away …

From the Washington Examiner:

Wendy Davis, who rocketed to political fame five years ago for filibustering limits on late-term abortions in the Texas Senate, is reportedly up for the top job at Planned Parenthood, the organization that performs roughly one-third of all abortions in the U.S. each year, according to its own statistics.

Outgoing president Cecile Richards is set to depart the organization in May, and Politico reported earlier this week that Davis is “one of several Democratic women who is privately being discussed among Democratic operatives and donors as a potential successor.”

Don’t forget her pretty pink tennis shoes.


Dude. How rude. It needs to be PINK.

See, she’s perfect.

This isn’t calling names, this is the reality of who Wendy Davis is.

No good person filibusters to make sure women can kill unborn babies in the third trimester.

Sad but true.


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