As another day passed by where his wife’s timeline was filled with threats and some of the most revolting and vile trolling we have ever seen (all while Twitter did nothing), Chris Loesch called our attention to another issue only Conservatives seem to be having with the social media giant’s Terms of Service:

Seems anyone who made a joke about others eating a Tide Pod (which as you may remember was a HUGELY popular pastime for dumb people) has been locked or suspended.

Unless they’re of the Leftist persuasion, in which case they’re free to continue calling people horrible names and sending them actual bomb threats.

And seriously, we know it wasn’t just Conservatives making jokes about eating Tide Pods, so please spare us the jokes about loosening our tinfoil hats; Twitter has a serious bias issue and every day it’s a little more obvious and obnoxious.

Seven days for a Tide Pod joke.


Maybe Twitter missed it, but everyone was making jokes about eating Tide Pods for a good month or so … interesting how they think this is a real threat while they ignore the hundreds (thousands) of tweets telling people like Dana Loesch to shoot themselves and wishing harm on their families.

But luckily they’re putting a stop to all those EVIL TIDE POD THREATS!

Toaster ovens are clearly a real problem on Twitter.

Almost as big of a problem as Tide Pods.

C’mon Jack, get it together.


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