Don’t you love it when Democrats tell Americans what is and isn’t a waste of OUR money, considering the money Kamala Harris is babbling on about in her tweet comes from taxpayers? We aren’t honestly sure if Kamala and others understand the government itself does NOT make money, and for them to ‘give’ something to someone they have to first take it from someone else.

And not to be a totally negative Nellie here, but if there is no border wall and the government starts handing out Medicare and free college this country likely won’t survive …

Yeah, no, Kamala. Not happening.

Tuition-free college? GIVE US A BREAK.

We’re not the only ones less than impressed with Kamala’s ideas:

Pretty damn expensive, Kamala.

Use smaller words …

Kamala. We. Need. Wall.


Ok fine, we’ll get the puppets and crayons.

C’mon man, Jerry Brown was just telling us all how RAD the train is and how awesome CA is doing.


Wait, pay for college?!

You monster!

Yeah, what about that Kamala?

She is HILARIOUS, right?

And not on purpose.


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