When Hollywood is good, it’s great.

Sadly when it’s bad, it’s horrible BUT we’re not focusing on the horrible in Hollywood. Not this time at least.

Probably in the next article.

No no, we’re talking about Jame Woods giving props to the Gary Sinise Foundation and using his reach to spread the word about the amazing work Sinise has done for the brave men and women who serve this country.

Note, we realize he tagged the wrong Gary Sinise (the personal account he tagged is actually suspended) BUT we love that he gave props to the foundation account, which is really the important piece of the tweet. And he got that right!

So noted.

The dude is just AWESOME.

We are enjoying seeing two of our favorites featured in one tweet.

It’s pretty damn cool.

And in case you’re not familiar with the Gary Sinise Foundation …

So. Awesome.


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