OUCHVILLE! Colion Noir takes gun-grabber to the SHED for whining that his last name means ‘black’

Posted at 2:16 pm on March 08, 2018 by Sam Janney

Imagine being so wrapped up in skin color that you resent someone for having the word black or white in their name.

That’s what happened in a back-and-forth between NRA spokesman Colion Noir and a troll who took issue with Colion’s last name …


If a white guy whose last name was White was talking about black communities folks on the Left would accuse him of wearing a white hood.

It sounds stupid but have you seen the Left lately?

Backpedal engaged.

This guy just kicks ass, we totally get why the NRA chose him as a spokesman.

We didn’t know he was also a lawyer.



In other words, Colion calls out their BS.

But he said it way better than we did.


Really dude?


But how dare he choose to use the word BLACK in his stage name!?

Wow, we’re still a little bothered by that ‘porn-like’ accusation up there.

Actually, he did basically call him a fake but hey, whatever helps him sleep better a night.


Huh again?

Colion – 1.
Troll – 0.


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