Take a SEAT! Dana Loesch knocks Rosie down a notch (or 2) for ‘cowardly cursing her’ behind a block

Posted at 2:06 pm on March 06, 2018 by Sam Janney

Hollywood is so easily upset.

From Ron Perlman to Michael Ian Black, to Chelsea Handler, to Rosie O’Donnell, nobody acts more like a spoiled rotten toddler who needs a diaper change than our Lefty friends with blue checks who make movies or failed television shows for a living.

Notice the fit they’ve been throwing over a simple NRATV ad featuring Dana Loesch:

See what we mean? Notice she doesn’t bother to tag Dana in her tough tweet, probably because she’s been attacking the NRA spokeswoman behind a block.

Super brave, Rosie.

And more …

Nobody talks about Mike Pence more than the Left.

And he fits the bill.

Oooh, Rosie used hashtags.

Look out, Dana.

Wouldn’t count on Rosie answering Dana because she has her blocked, which means she can argue with Dana without Dana ever really seeing her; talk about a cheap way to pander to your followers.

Seems Dana calling her out on the block inspired Rosie to unblock her … at least for the time being.

Lucky her.

Aaaand crickets.



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