Yes, we’ve been writing about Dana Loesch being targeted A LOT lately, but guys, there is just so much ugliness out there it’s like we finish one article and there’s another person on Twitter threatening her or her family.

And seriously, it’s one thing to go after Dana (at the end of the day she would be the first to tell us this is not her first rodeo when dealing with a bunch of stupid people), but to go after her family?


Hey Alyssa, they know damn well what they’re streaming and they know who their customers are and what they’re watching. Also, if Alyssa bothered to actually watch the spot instead of being an overly-emotional train wreck she’d realize it’s not a threat. It’s an organization that is tired of getting beaten up and blamed for everything bad in this country by a bunch of self-absorbed, Leftist, ass-nuggets who claim they care about the children while supporting Planned Parenthood.

Look at these people:

Alyssa is herself a mother, you’d think she’d call this behavior out …

But nope.

The hearts around her name make her just that much more special, don’t you think?

Leave the kids out of it.


No words.



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