You’d think by NOW the Kurt Eichenwald would realize he shouldn’t try debating the Right about well, anything because every time he does it just goes badly for him. Whether he’s complaining that Tucker Carlson embarrassed him on his show (nearly two years ago now) OR insisting the tentacle porn tab he had open on his desktop was for research purposes only, the guy just keeps steppin’ in it.

When Kurt Eichenwald talks about gun control, nobody listens.


Yes, gun nuts own the GOP. You know, the people who refuse to be victims because they know their rights are inherent and not to be infringed by anyone, including Kurt here.

Hey, if that makes someone a gun nut, count this editor IN.

Compromise to the Left means letting them have their way.


Not even the squid.

Awww, Kurt seems upset. He even swore.

And this guy didn’t send him a flashy gif or anything

Plus we’re not entirely sure Kurt has ANY business talking about someone else’s ‘internet fantasy.’

Clearly, the answer is purple.

Gun nut.

*No squid or other sea creatures were harmed in the writing of this Kurt Eichenwald story.*


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