You guys remember that mean old lady in the ugly pantsuits who ran for president a couple of years ago? We can’t seem to recall her name … it’s right there on the tip of our tongues.

Hrm, you’d think it would be hard to forget the most unpopular candidate in the history of presidential elections but nope, we forgot.

Man, we WISH!

Seriously, it’s impossible to forget Hillary when she keeps injecting herself into everything, although we keep TRYING. Like her last tweet warning us all that, ‘the Russians are still coming!’

Oh, Hillary.


We GET it, you lost to a guy you and your party thought you could easily beat, but change the record already, lady.

Careful Jenna, Hillary is a NASTY woman.

And boomage.


It’s in the Constitution and stuff.

Is there a difference?


Seems Jenna triggered someone:

Stay in her lane? Umm …

Take a SEAT!

Damn we love this lady.


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