Really CNN?

WATCH this a-hole ‘analyst’ mansplain why women can’t carry:

We know quite a few women who would tell this CNN ‘analyst’ where he can stick his sexist comments about how we can’t carry because of how we dress. And this is what DRIVES US INSANE, so many experts out there flapping their gums and talking about things they know NOTHING ABOUT. And CNN gives them a platform because they’re as dense as these so-called experts.

What moron really thinks what women wear will keep them from carrying?

Don’t answer that.

CNN, doing research?

That’s crazy talk young lady.

Perhaps we should purchase a few of these items to send to CNN’s expert who thinks women can’t carry because we dress too pretty.

What a maroon.

But is a kilt a skirt?


Some of us know how to carry concealed even if we’re wearing yoga pants and an old hockey jersey.

Just sayin’.

And we get what CNN is trying to do here, they’re trying to pretend that since the majority of teachers are women that we can’t possibly arm them because of how they dress without actually saying that … but we heard him loud and clear.

Way to keep steppin’ in it, CNN.


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