We understand that Alyssa Milano is trying to get attention, and we also understand that she’s sort of vapid when it comes to talking about actual policy or grasping the reality of what happened in Florida.

But for her to share this image with millions of people is simply shameful.

Of course in her sad world, she calls this ‘powerful.’

What have we become? This is not indicative of the collective ‘we,’ at all. This is a seriously FOUL and ugly misinterpretation of guns in this country, and honestly giving this artist attention only glorifies the shooter … while exploiting children.

Where is the piece illustrating how badly Hollywood treats children?

Where’s the image of Sheriff Israel’s deputies hiding outside while kids were killed?

No words to truly describe how ugly and misplaced this image is.

No, please don’t.

You have to give Alyssa this, she is consistently wrong on most things.

This is not art, this is a statement made by someone completely unfamiliar with gun rights in this country whom Alyssa is giving a platform to.

This is pandering of the worst sort.

Extraordinarily bad.

Quiet you with your facts and numbers! She’s sharing powerful ‘art.’


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