You know that kid in your class when you were young who had a consistently runny nose, never tied his shoes and was ALWAYS telling on other kids in the class, even if they really didn’t do anything wrong?

Jim Acosta is that kid.

This morning, Trump spoke about banning bump stocks and he mentioned how the NRA might disagree with him but ‘they’re on our side.’

Now, why ever Jim felt the need to tweet just this out we’ll never understand.

Except maybe for the avalanche of stupid on this thread.

See for yourselves:

Russia, Russia, Russia!

It amazes us that these folks can actually tie their own shoes on a daily basis.

Then again, maybe they can’t.


Banning bump stocks is bad? Yeah, we agree.

Trump is basically saying he agrees with these yahoos (we know, he’s wrong) and they’re still talking smack about him.

There is no pleasing the Left, Mr. President. Don’t even bother.

Is ‘she’ saying the NRA isn’t on our side or that they’re not on Trump’s side? Hard to take a slam seriously when ‘iffy’ grammar is involved.


Yes, meaning Americans.

The stupid seriously burns.

Actually, considering the NRA provides free training on gun safety and how to defend yourself and many other courses that benefit gun owners and non-gun owners, this is the opposite of the truth.

AKA what we call in the biz, BS.

We’re not talking about Planned Parenthood, silly.


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