Earlier today, Daniel Dale was giving a play-by-play of what was being covered at CPAC. One of his tweets was about Chris and Dana Loesch, and Chris talking about how they had to ‘flee the scene’ from the CNN town hall because it was literally dangerous for them.

Remember when they had to move because people were threatening their family over the NRA?

We do.

Seems ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser missed that tidbit, OR he’s just a giant douche-canoe and enjoys watching people he disagrees with politically suffer.

The irony of this guy calling ANYONE else a snowflake.

Because it’s not.

Because Jake knew it was a sh*tshow.

Let’s not pretend Ian actually gives a damn about Dana and her family’s safety.

If Ian received 1/100th of the harassment the Loesch’s receive he’d never stop crying.

Snarky, maybe. But little fella, you bet.

What he said.

How long ya’ got?



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