Lying liars lie.

And they wonder why we can’t get any further when it comes to the gun safety issue; with blatant and gross lies like this one, it’s impossible to actually have any sort of real conversation about the issue at hand.

These are the sorts of talking points that outlets like CBS use to divide … and draw in clicks and taps. Not to mention CBS knows its readers will look no further than the headline and then spend the next MONTH spouting this lie like it’s the truth.


It’s not.



You know, we wouldn’t mind gun grabbers yammering on about guns if they would actually learn a thing or two about them (and the laws around them) before opening their big mouths.

They don’t really care about what happened in Florida, they only care about narrative and agenda.

Could have stopped after the word ‘clue.’

They’re CBS. Need we say more?


Clicks and taps, baby.



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