Whiny media is whiny.

Give us a break, Jay.

All we hear when we read this is, (yes, we can hear tweets, WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE US?!) ‘We work and we slave, and what thanks do we get?’ UGH, these people. How many times do we have to show them how THEY created the view most Americans have of them, and that their behavior after the Florida shooting, after the tax cuts … really after any event in this country defines who they are.

This is not Trump’s fault, as much as they’d like to pretend otherwise.

And seriously, if they want to blame Trump they still need to blame themselves because they all but elected him.


Gosh, we think Erielle is onto something here.

Would someone PLEASE get Jay a tissue?


The DNC?

Welcome to media in the year 2018 … and you thought 2017 was dumb.


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