It amazes us how angry the Left gets with S.E. Cupp when she is so obviously unbiased when it comes to Donald Trump. She is one of the first journos to hold him accountable if and when he says or does something ‘stupid.’ Maybe they get so angry at her because she IS unbiased, and when she is saying something they disagree with that means she could be CORRECT, and not just playing politics.

And that makes them crazy?

That or they’re just that miserable in real life and hate everybody.

Like this tweet about Trump slamming Dems for not working on gun control when they had the chance:

She’s not impressed with his behavior BUT he’s also not wrong. Dems failed to do anything on gun control because it was so unpopular with Americans that they were afraid they’d get voted out; remember that when they keep crying about how we need to DO SOMETHING.

They didn’t do a damn thing.

Here we go again.

She’s literally NOT on their payroll, but thanks for playing.

Told you so.

Wonder if English isn’t this person’s first language?

Pretty simple.



Boom? You know how ridiculous someone looks when they say ‘boom’ and yet made zero point? Sad.



The tolerant left, ladies and gents.


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