We’re not entirely sure why Jessica Mason Pieklo is important enough to have a blue check, but this isn’t the first time we’ve laughed at Twitter’s verification selection process.

And seriously Twitter this is such a bad look.

Verifying and validating women who hate other women and then pretend that their attacking said women makes them stronger … or something.

And they wonder why feminism has become a joke.

Yeah, she’s a peach.

This all started here:

How dare we feel sorry for Melania being attacked 24/7 because she’s married to Donald.

She didn’t ask for this nonsense when he ran for president, but since she’s a certain color and votes a certain way that makes her fair game apparently.

Stop protecting white women who protect terrible men?


That’s a stretch.


These people.

Again, not gonna happen with this gal.



We don’t know what to call her but we’ll probably tick her off either way so we’ll go with BROAD.

Right? Because acting like a child is so becoming.

Oh look, she’s such a victim.

Someone get her a gold star.


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