We have spent a LOT of time today making fun of the Obama’s official portraits … but it’s what we do!

And looking at the original portraits, it only makes sense to make fun of them considering there is a good deal of funny in both pieces of art.



But this meme from Shoshana Weissman is the funniest thing we’ve seen all day when it comes Obama’s portrait:

Sorry, she says.

She doesn’t have to be sorry.

Admit it, once you saw Homer fading into the bush you couldn’t look at Obama’s portrait again without seeing Homer each and every time.

What was he THINKING having so much greenery painted behind him?

See, Shoshana’s is ART.

We’re not sure about the portrait.

Twitchy does too.

We’re pretty sure she’s not sorry, and she shouldn’t be.


True story.

And this was DEFINITELY the meme we needed.


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