Dear Twitter Gods,

Thank you for Chelsea Handler.


Wait, if everyone ‘hops on board’ and she’s saying the world is getting gayer … not to be negative nellies but how does she expect the population to continue to grow? Perhaps a smarter tweet (we know, we know) would have been to point out that people’s ideas and who they are as individuals are more important than what’s on the outside including gender, color, sexuality …

But of course, if she said something like that she’d be a Conservative.

Never mind.

She’d better hope intelligence isn’t related to her existence, just sayin’.

It’s called SCIENCE, Chelsea.

Yeah, yeah, we know, Resistance types don’t dig on actual science or reality but still.

Awww yes. Over the weekend, Chelsea took it upon herself to ‘shame’ porn stars in her effort to claim the higher moral ground above Donald Trump. It didn’t go over very well, as you can likely imagine.

Chelsea never disappoints in the realm of stupid.

What he said because it sounds all sciency and stuff.



WOWZA: Chelsea Handler claims she has a ‘moral obligation’ to shame porn stars and ALL HELL breaks loose