Doritos in all its infinite wisdom saw fit to make super special Doritos for ladies that supposedly aren’t quite as crunchy as their MAN CHIPS … and all anyone can do is laugh about it.

Ok, that’s not true, some SJWs are angry that these Doritos are easier to eat because Frito-Lay doesn’t think women are strong enough to eat normal Doritos.

It is indeed a silly time to be alive.

And speaking of silliness, Twitter reacted to the news of the ‘Lady-Friendly Doritos’ with a hashtag, #AddLadyRuinAFood.

Gotta love it.

Ok, blame this woman, she started it!

This just sounds wrong.


What about Lady potatoes and gravy?

Can’t unsee this in our heads … thanks for that.

This sounds delicious BUT really wrong.

Ok, stop it.


Sounds like a LOT of carbs, man.

‘I want my Lady back lady back lady back lady back lady back ribs’ …

That just sounds dirty.


No. No no no.

Alrighty then.

We see what you did there.

Yeah, no.

Well, that’s just redundant.

Aaaaand we’re done here.




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