Jimmy Fallon decided for some reason to pretend he is Bob Dylan and rewrite lyrics to Dylan’s hit, ‘The Times They Are A-Changing.’

Surely Dylan is rolling over in his grave …

Jimmy looks more like Roy Orbison, doncha think?

He should try singing ‘Pretty Woman,’ about Hillary next.


But seriously, check out these lyrics:


Dude, if disagreeing with the president makes you feel like America isn’t your home it might be time to get some therapy.

You know that face you make when an uncle you don’t really know all that well loudly passes gas at a family event and you’re not sure if you should acknowledge that you heard it like everyone else? Yeah, we just made that face.

Seriously, even Lefties have to admit this is just ri-damn-diculous.

Writers who report the facts.


Is this like when Michelle Obama said if we go low they go high? Maybe Jimmy’s missed it, but the Left keeps going lower and lower and lower. But you don’t see him writing lyrics about that.


He’s something.



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