We don’t pretend to understand what it is exactly that William Shatner is debating the usual suspects (aka DELICATE SJWs) who constantly troll and bitch at him, but we do understand that he destroys them all, one-by-one, without even trying.

This time he seems to be engaging with a bunch of angry harpies who have a queen?

SJWs have royalty? Who knew?

Did they call him ‘Sh*tner?’ HOW DARE THEY!

And seriously, this almost reads like Kirk dealing with Klingons.

Dearest bully – we like it.

This woman MIGHT have some serious mental health issues?

Who is this flutist?


Sounds like she made this public but what do we know? We’re just here for the fireworks.

Going to guess she’s virtue signaling.

It’s what SJWs do best.

You’d think?


Oh geez.

Who is this queen?!


Love and rainbows.




Seriously, this reads like some bizarre soap opera where SJWs bother a sci-fi legend.

Hrm, there could be a pilot in this.


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