Imagine hating Trump so much that you celebrate when there are more people in a specific group or race who are unemployed …

There’s just something really shameful in that.

It soars? According to ShareBlue?

From (so you don’t have to click it):

The black unemployment rate in America jumped to 7.7 percent for the month of January, it was announced on Friday. After a year’s worth of steady decline, the recent spike has erased all of those gains, and the black unemployment rate now stands almost exactly where it was when Trump was inaugurated one year ago, when it was 7.8 percent.

So rising a tenth of a percentage point is soaring?

Alrighty then.

Look how happy Joy is that more black Americans might be out of work, just so she can zing Trump.

We’d ask her what’s wrong with her but at this point, we’re pretty sure we know.

Nah, they only give credit to Obama. If something is down or not doing well they blame the nearest Republican; when Obama was president they blamed the economy on Bush and now they’ll blame Trump for black unemployment going up EVEN THOUGH just yesterday they were giving credit to Obama for it going down.

No one ever accused the Left of being consistent.

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