You’ve gotta wonder if Ana Navarro was literally shaking when she wrote this tweet.

If you find yourself comparing everything Trump does to Hitler and start exploiting the horrors of the Holocaust to make your point, it might be time to put the Twitter down. #TheMoreYouKnow


This broad has got to get a grip already.

Right? We thought the whole departure thing was a mutual decision. At least that’s what Jim Acosta is telling people his ‘source’ said. So which is it, media type people? Did McCabe mutually decide to leave OR was Trump ‘literally Hitler’ and fired him?

Make up your minds.

No, she’s not.

Honestly, we’re not sure she ever really was.

Because he’s Trump.

That’s it.

Pretty damn awful, ain’t it?

Somehow this awful comparison made total sense in her head.

She thought she was being deep and meaningful, and all she really managed to do was look like an insensitive ass.

But you be you, Ana.


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