On International Holocaust Memorial Day, as the world remembered and mourned the six million innocent Jewish people who lost their lives, Sarah Sanders tweeted this with the #NeverForget hashtag to show not only her own respect for the day but Trump’s as well.

And of course, this tweet brought out the nastiest of the nasty on Twitter.

We swear Sarah could tweet that the sky was blue and the Left would gnash their teeth and froth at the mouth.

Here are some of the grosser tweets from people who really should be ashamed and clearly weren’t spanked enough as children:

Classy is as classy does.



Because Obama was SUPER SUPPORTIVE of Israel.

It’s like these folks spent the entire Obama administration asleep.

That’s. Not. What. Trump. Did. Or. Said.

But let’s not pretend Dana cares about facts.

Trump has actually been very vocal in his support of the men and women in blue; not sure what that has to do with remembering the Holocaust but you be you.

And we’re supposed to believe women like Maria on the Left care about women’s rights and their well-being in this country.



We sincerely hope Sarah doesn’t read these comments because OMG the stupid burns.

But in the meantime, keep on keepin’ on, Sarah.


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