During the 2015 primary, it became painfully clear that there was a YUGE divide on the right when it came to Donald Trump. And honestly, even after Trump won the primary the divide remained … it may have even grown deeper during the election. But then Trump won, and many people who were not thrilled with Trump figured out they had to work with what they had (yours truly included), so they’ve been calling balls and strikes with the president.

Trump does something good, gold star.

Trump does something bad, no star.

Still, there are some who hate Trump so much that it seems they can’t enjoy even the things he has accomplished as a Republican that they would accept from any other president; and they have also been very critical of Conservatives who say, ‘I am no fan of Trump but …’

Rising Conservative rock star, @Molratty finally had enough of this attitude from ‘true cons,’ and promoted the hilarious tag, #ImNoFanOfTrumpBut.

Here are some of the funniest takes on the tag:

Getting tense up in here.

Ultimately what this tag is saying is LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE, if you were pro-life before Trump was elected you shouldn’t stop being pro-life because you hate the guy. Or if you supported tax cuts before he was elected you should still support them even if you can’t stand that he’s president.

This ain’t rocket science folks, it’s just politics.


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