Damn Chuck, when you’ve even lost CNN?

This doesn’t look good, Democrats.

From CNN (RIGHT?! We’re shocked too):

The point here is that even in the best case scenario — McConnell is good to his word, immigration legislation passes the Senate — the prognosis for that bill making it through the House and being signed into law by Trump is not at all good.

The Schumer deal reminds me of when the Oklahoma City Thunder traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets. In the immediate aftermath of the deal, you could see ways in which it might maybe make some sense. But, the further you got from the deal — and the better Harden played — the more one-sided, in Houston’s favor, the trade looked.

That’s what this shutdown deal looks like to me. Schumer gave in for the potential promise of a discussion about immigration in the Senate. With no such promise in the House or from the White House.


And gasping from the laughing.

Yeah, us too.

It gets worse and worse for Chuck.

And it just gets better and better for the GOP.


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