Where have we heard rhetoric like this before?

It’s right there, on the tip of our tongue.


Stop treating Trumpers like they are people.

Ok, so odds are this guy is just a desperate, lonely, angry troll, trolling for attention, but still.

Who tweets crap like this?

Wait, could it be fascism?

Because this sounds a LOT like something a fascist would say.

It’s super familiar, right?

The more unhinged these folks behave, the more it helps Trump.

We’ve been telling them this for over a year now … and they still just don’t get it.

Maybe we should just stop telling them and let them elect him, again.

Sadly, this is fairly common among the ‘tolerant Left’ these days.

This will only confuse Bob, but nice try.

In other words, Bob.

Yup. And Bob has a blue check, which means Twitter is validating his opinion, at least according to their new rules.

So telling.


YO Democrats, this rant from gamer-nobody Bob Chipman is why you will KEEP losing

Yo Democrats, THIS tweet about middle America from nobody Melinda Byerley is WHY you keep losing