With the amount of frothing and freaking out the Left has done about the possibility of Trump saying the word ‘sh**hole,’ you KNOW the moment the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) tweeted about it they would absolutely LOSE IT.

You’d think by NOW they’d figure out that Spicer is no longer part of the White House and that this account is a PARODY because there is no blue check.

Not one.

Which means he’s not the guy.

But then again, so much of our joy comes from watching these idjits respond to the parody like they think he’s the real deal, so nobody tell them, k?

Oh no, you didn’t.

He is but he’s not.

It’s complicated.

What’s wrong with YOU?

Then again, maybe not.

What does he mean, you people?

Considering he’s a fake account?

Too. Good.

Oh, poor Tim. Fries? Wha?

And you know he really thought this was a good zinger.



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