This. Is. Amazing.

And an absolutely sad reflection on what abuse is and isn’t acceptable with a woman depending on the political letter by her name.

Today Cory Booker basically screamed at Nielsen during a hearing and there is hardly a blip on the outrage monitor out there. But a year ago when Burr asked Kamala Harris to stop badgering a witness all we heard about for DAYS was how she was being silenced for being a woman.

Garrett Ventry did a terrific job drawing a comparison between the two events and the frankly disgusting bias against women who are on the Right.

Gosh, we have an idea.

If their parties were switched all we’d hear about is how the Republican verbally ABUSED this woman and screamed at her.

They’re pretending he’s not a giant bully and an ass, yup.

Kamala Harris was POLITELY asked to stop badgering someone … and that’s every woman who stands up to speak. But Neilsen literally gets screamed at and somehow that’s Booker being some sort of hero?

They call it ‘speaking out.’

We call it badgering and oppressing her.

But guess which narrative we’re going to hear for the next week?


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