As Twitchy readers know, Allie Stuckey had an ‘encounter’ with a Georgetown University MSFS board member named Jeff Bernstein that resulted in his wishing a #MeToo moment on the young Conservative.

Allie sent the tweets to Georgetown asking about Bernstein and his behavior:

Twitter exploded over the comments, and Bernstein did (sort of) attempt to apologize to Stuckey for his tweet, but it would appear word did get back to Georgetown as the guy ‘who called it like it was’ resigned:

From Georgetown University:

The Masters of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) program at Georgetown University is deeply committed to fostering the role of women in international affairs and promoting respectful dialogue and debate on the critical issues facing our world.

Encouraging, threatening or condoning violence and harassment against another person, in any form and on any format, is deeply inconsistent with the values of the program, our school and our university.

We appreciate Mr. Bernstein’s efforts to apologize for recent comments deeply inconsistent with our values and mission and have accepted his resignation from the MSFS Board of Advisors. MSFS will continue its dedication to preparing women and men for leadership roles in global affairs.

Just goes to show you have got to be careful with what you say in social media.

Universities, what’cha gonna do?


CLASSY: Georgetown board member wishes #MeToo moment on Allie Beth Stuckey, calls HER insensitive