According to Jeff Bernstein’s own Twitter bio, he sits on the MSFS board for Georgetown University and for whatever reason wished a #MeToo moment on Allie Beth Stuckey because he thought she was insensitive.

Guess he was just calling it as he saw it … right?

And which tweet did he think was Stuckey being insensitive?

She was replying to this:

So saying the #MeToo movement is a reflection of a broken world was supposedly insensitive enough for Bernstein to wish sexual harassment and or sexual assault on Stuckey.

Seems legit.

This begs the question of whether or not someone should be penalized at work for something they write on social media. Some are of the mind that yes, absolutely people should be held accountable, and others disagree. The bigger point here though is that social media makes it very easy to say horrible things to strangers …

Pretty sure he didn’t think this thing through.

Anyone who disagrees with today’s progressives is clearly a Nazi, duh.


Conservative women don’t count ya’ know.

Bernstein did try and apologize:

But we have to use screenshots because he locked his account …

Yeah, this sounds like he’s super apologetic.

He’s sorry she took it that way.


He would appreciate if she removed his tweet.

Well, we’re pretty sure she would have appreciated him not making that remark in the first place.

Just sayin’.


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