Bernie seemed to be prattling on about making tax cuts permanent for Americans, mainly so he could complain about corporations. What he leaves out is that Democrats had the ability to help make these tax cuts permanent but they refused to help Republicans.

And like any good Democrat, he knows his base doesn’t know that or care and keeps pretending that the GOP only cares about corporations:

So Senator Ted Cruz has been calling on Sanders to support his efforts to make these tax cuts permanent, and so far he can’t seem to get Bernie onboard. Cruz has taken to Twitter to call him OUT:

And crickets.

Bernie doesn’t really care about Americans keeping more of their own money, he has in fact been very vocal about the benefits of raising taxes. But that didn’t stop him from trying to frame Republicans as evil, greedy old white men pandering to corporations on the backs of Americans.

It’s his whole schtick.

And every time Cruz calls him out on supporting the cuts he just gets crickets.

Time to put up or shut up, Bernie.


It’s what he does best.

Cruz is done playing, Bernie.


MIC DROP: Ted Cruz calls on Sanders and Dems to make tax cuts permanent, triggers wall of STUPID